How do I book an Appointment?


Appointments for both GPs and ANPs are available from:
08.40 to 19:20 on Mondays
08:40 to 17.50 on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

NOTE: GP Appointments 18:30-19:20 Monday are pre-bookable only.

Practice Nurse appointments are available to pre-book from:

8.40 to 17.20 Monday to Friday.

There are two ways to book an appointment, over the telephone or online via patient access.

Our lines open at 8am each day in order to take appointment requests. Please telephone 0151 424 6221 to arrange an appointment with a member of the health care team.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please phone the surgery as soon as possible- we are a very busy practice and another patient will always want to take advantage of your cancellation.


Whilst registered with us we encourage patients to see any of the doctors and clinical staff. However, you may express a preference for a particular doctor. Once a preference has been indicated we will endeavour to comply with the request. However, there may be times when this is not possible, for example, if the doctor is unavailable, or the services requested are not provided by your preferred doctor. Should a patient wish to see their preferred doctor then it may result in a longer waiting time for their appointment.


Certain conditions require urgent medical attention and this is best done by going immediately to hospital. It is essential that we get you to the right person in the right time and for this reason our receptionists have to ask some broad questions about your enquiry. However if you have any of the following problems you should consider ringing 999 immediately. Ring 999 if:

    A sudden weakness, paralysis or slurred speech may indicate a possible Stroke
    Any usual increasing central chest pain which generally makes you feel very unwell, should raise concerns about a possible heart attack – DO not ring the GP, call the 999 line immediately.