History of The Practice

The Practice was first established by Dr Cecil Nelson acquired the surgery from Dr Strock in 1926 and was based at 5 Peelhouse Lane, Widnes.

Dr Nelson ran it as a single-handed Practice until he was joined by Dr Christopher Imison in 1955 when the surgery had moved to 1 Peelhouse Lane, Widnes the year before.

Following the retirement of Dr Nelson in 1960 the practice was greatly enlarged by the amalgamation with Dr Neville Woodier who previously had a practice at 151 Birchfield Road, his partner Dr Edwards having died in 1962.

The practice continued with little change until the present partners who had joined Dr S J Edwards in 1974, Dr P L Hurst in 1984 (retired 2021), Dr C P Hallam in 1987 (retired 2015), Dr C S J Woodforde in 1996, Dr M M McLaughlin in 2003, Dr K R Botham in 2007 and Lea Weitzel who started as an ANP in 2000 and became a partner in 2023.

In the recent years the Practice has been joined by Dr Sekela (2022), Dr A La Corbiniere (2024) and Dr N Robinson (2024).

The surgery moved in 2001 following a total renovation of the current premises. The premises had been built in 1937 and was opened as The Plaza Cinema.  The Plaza Cinema closed in the 1960’s and was converted into a bingo hall with the Apollo chain taking over until it was finally closed in 1988.