Statement of Purpose

The Patients at Peelhouse Medical should: 

  1. Be treated with dignity and respect at all times;
  1. Be involved actively in their own care wherever possible;
  1. Have their long term conditions from birth to end of life to be managed proactively;
  1. Be served by a well-trained, competent and skilled primary care team;
  1. Be served by a primary care team that communicates well with other agencies to focus on what is best for the patient;
  1. Receive care from a good quality, clean, well equipped and safe environment;
  1. Be served by staff who will use efficient resources to provide timely referrals to diagnostics and treatment and secondary care where appropriate;
  1. Be actively involved in the development and maintenance of good quality services through the Patient Participation group and Patient experience programme
  1. Have access to good quality professional care 24 hours a day (whether provided by Peelhouse or other agency);
  1. Receive a good quality of care and guaranteed to be Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Patient-centred and Equitable (STEEPE)